Friday, February 15, 2013

istanbul aku datang part two ^^

assalamualaikum semua,
hello earthlings,
wassap darlings, (ayat nak mintak lutut kan?)


so here i am making post for the second day of my travel to turkey.

sebiru hari ini. a beautiful day with a flock of beautiful seagulls.subhanallah!

and a beautiful fella.. (bajeettt)

and a handsome man.

and a macho ustaz.. (whattt?)

an information board i guess?(lawak hambar ok) hrmm..actually  there are lots and lots of  boards in the street but  bcoz of the language,i cant get the meaning at all(sigh)

is it a girl standing or a mannequin? what do u think?

time to eat!

our excellent yet pinky photogirl of the day! >.<

the sayurans.very simple.

kuah pembuka selera katanya. ahah

the name is iskandar tasty and delicious,rugilah barangsiapa yang ke turki namun tiada dapat merasa makanan seenak ini.wakakak

what cha looking at? 

maqam sultan mahmud

we went to the souvenir store, but ended up buying NOTHING.sooo pfftt kan?

after that we continued our journey to the top of the mount just only to touch and feel the snow! ahaha

so white and subhanallah!

and tadaaaa!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

istanbul here i come day one ^^

salam alaik.

semoga kita semua berada dalam rahmat kasih sayang Allah selalu. (winking)

during last winter break, i was succesfully stepped on the land of turkey. it was a very very very exciting moment in my life as for me,it's the first time ever to travel to other country except for egypt.

and yeah,i enjoyed every seconds in turkey. i went to many places such as bursa,mount uludag,topkapi palace,hagia sophia and many more!

so here are my stories..i'd like to provide some pictures of me interframing the great yet awesome beautiful bombastic scenery in turkey.

let's start with day one!

we arrived at the sabiha goukchen airport ..but then,sempat lagi posing tuh.

jalan betul2 depan hotel yg kitorg stay.

in front of our hotel with my housemate.

a mosque! well,there are many mosques built here i tell u!

one of the mosques here.the suleymeniyah mosque.

ala..terbalik la pulak,ini namanya sup pembuka selera.tapi sebb rasa dia cam kuah dal,terus tertutup rapat selera aku.haha

roti pencicah kuah dal di atas.rasanya asalnya ni roti baguette yng panjang tu,pastu!

the ostadz and ex student badiuzzaman syed nursi.seorang tokoh pemikir hebat turki!

me with icha at grand bazaar. after exchanging money.

alas,my dream to reach turkey was fulfilled and i was very thankful to Allah SWT for giving me the chance to be there.

so till we meet again in istanbul here i come day two. ^^

see u ols.luls.

assalamualaikum wbt!