Monday, January 25, 2010

u should just have resisted...

In the name Of Allah..The Most Gracious n The Most Merciful..
hope dat this will remind us all...

It started off with just a simple greeting,
A simple smile, A simple reason,
It was nothing your nafs whispered,
Just an ordinary conversation between two pals,
Then he started to ask about your personal hobbies,
Personal favorites,
He started showing care for you,

Oh yes, you resisted at first,
It was nothing you kept on repeating,
But your nafs kept on insisting,
You began to accept,
Little by little,
Until your dreams and thoughts were filled with fantasies,
Filled with insecure lullabies,
It was nothing you kept on reminding,
The day came when you did not realize,
You were holding hands,
Sharing jokes and laughter,
Teasing and wishing every occasion,

Oh yes, You did not resist,
It was nothing you kept securing yourself,
Excuses kept getting better,
Self-justifications wandered off nowhere to be seen,
Because once you give in,
Once you fall in,
It’s hard to get out,
It’s difficult to fall out,
It’s too late….. smiley-cry
You should just have resisted.

nota kaki:we should resist ourself from indulging in the wrong way...may god bless us...

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