Sunday, November 03, 2013

Welcome to the hell of third year.

So that's the thing.

The thing is why?

Why hell?

Oh yes.

Salam alaikum and how do you do peeps!?

Well i'm in the pink of health and insyaAllah will always be.

Lots of thank to Allah for giving me this chance to share something with you guys.

This gonna be my first post for the third year of my presence in egypt.

Like rasulullah SAW said, :"ballighu anni walau ayah"

So here i am! :)

When i arrived in egypt last few weeks,ive got the chance to meet a sister that lives inside the same building of mine.

So we chatted a little and the topic was about our studies,how to survive,what are the challenges that we're gonna face and so and so.

Since she is now in fifth year,she did teach us alot on how to prepare ourselves on how to face the onakduri whatsoever.

But the thing is,suddenly she said,
"Welcome to the year of hell,the third year!".then she smirked.

At first i was just laughing and smiling and forgot how to react to this kind of situation. *doublejerked eyebrows

Then suddenly she said,:
"Well u know,third year is hell.just hell.the timetable will be so packed that u cant even take a single breath".

Jaw dropped.

*********the end********

So now alhamdulillah ive made it has been three weeks u know.

My studylife is really really smooth.
Allah makes everything seems so easy for me.however sometimes there are some hardships.

But i am convinced by Allah's words,
"Verily,with every hardship there is relief"


Liyana,malaysia-egypt,7.28 pm

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