Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Chicken soup for the soul.

Salam alaik peeps.

Salam maal hijrah.

This post's gonna be really hard to be understood.

But if you try to explore the meaning,it would be just easy for you to practice it.
Insyaallah in a way to be a better mukmin or muslim.am i right? ;)

As we all know,food is one of our basic needs in life.we eat to live well.then the food will be digested in the gastrointestinal tract then absorbed to be converted to energy.

Then we use that energy to do our daily routines like praying,working and so on

Same goes to our soul.it needs food.

But this type of food is really special that u cant even find it elsewhere except in your body.

It is your mind that control yourself on how to find the food.

It is your limbs that move you to find for the food.

And the food is 'tarbiyah'

We need to feed our soul with tarbiyah.

How to do it?

By achieving taqwa.

Easy?it aint easy.

To achieve taqwa,there are some conditions that must be followed.

What are they?

They are muahadah,(the connection between u and Allah),muhasabah(reflecting ourselves at the end of the day) and mujahadah(fight with our own nafsu)

How to accomplish each mission?

Well of course by doing good things that please Allah.

For example,praying 5 times a day,doing qiamullail,reciting alquran,zikrullah etc.

Of course,it is not easy for us to say that we are fully tarbiyah-ed or not.
Because it is hard you know.
It's really hard for me.so im seeking for ur doa so that i can be a better muslimah.

After-effects of soul-feeding with tarbiyah is that your words can touch people's hearts.

U look more soleh and warak.

Ur heart is getting purer.

Well,The last one is very important.

But there are some circumstances that u will face during ur journey to achieve taqwa and it is called mehnah.

Tapi kan Allah dah berfirman,mafhumnya,
"Allah tidak akan membebani seseorang tu melainkan sesuai dengan kemampuannya."

So keep calm and have faith in Allah.

**********the end**********

Syarat untuk menjadi seorang yang menganut sesuatu jemaah ialah berfikrah islamiah mantap yang sama,mempunyai haraki yang mantap,tapi yang paling penting berhati dan berjiwa suci.

Bukan suka mencaci dan mengeji.

Apatah lagi menghukum.

Liyana ajis.akubudakperubatan.malaysia egypt.

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