Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Random rant.

Sollu ala nabiy.

This post will be as short as i can write.
Its a random,quick,and short post.

Tomorrow ill be sitting for parasitology exam.

Please do pray for me and my friends.

Because the path that we choose is completely hard and adventurous.

Sometimes there are voices in my head telling me to just stop taking medicine.

But i wont.i wont give up at all thinking that ive never done anything great for my parents.yet im still here.giving out my all for the sake of my abah and ma.and of course for Islam,my beloved deen.

What i need to do right now is to hold onto Allah.to always remember rasulullah.

To do jihad.

To make myself busy with things that are beneficial.

To forget the past.

To plan for the future.

To grow seeds of happiness.

To succeed in life.

To become the best muslimah doctor.

To run towards jannah.


May Allah make ease for everything


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