Wednesday, May 30, 2012


less within 24 hours from now i'll be sitting for written exam!!!!oh my Allah==',it's ANATOMY okey.!and my heart now is dup dap dup dap-non stop yela kalau stop mesti ive been collapsed now but still refuse to continue studying.the truth is..yesterday ive watched HOUSE season 3 for 5 episodes-non stop.and this is the effect>>becoming tooooooooooo lazy to study again.and yet havent finished answering the past years essay questions.pity me..and i feel like want to slap my face again and again.i hope there's no regret tomorrow.and i CAN answer all the questions like the water running from the tap smoothly WITHOUT any obstruction OR im gonna get anginal pain=='im pissed off now.i NEED to study now!please do pray for my success..i wanna go back home..

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