Friday, April 15, 2011

100. (i think?)


If Love was a person, how do you think he or she would be like? maybe, he(or she, whatever tickles your fancy) likes to eat Thai food. Or watch the E! news. Maybe he likes talking on the phone, or not, maybe he's a texting kinda guy, maybe he likes taking a walk at night. He could be good looking, this, really hot guy who looks like Ashton Kutcher, breaking hearts and faces, a total douche, really mean. Shows no mercy and only cares about himself, maybe he's a rockstar with drug problems. Or maybe he's the total opposite. He could be as cute and dorky as Micheal Cera. Maybe Love is a dork! and nothing more! Sweet. Always nice to you. Who tells you that everythings gonna be okay. Shows up randomly at your place with pepperoni pizza and and a really good DVD. Who holds your face and look into your your eyes like he will never leave you.

I've known Love since i was six. I went to school and I had my first encounter with a boy. He was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, I swear. And I remember for the first time, i could feel my heart beating so fast. Little that I know that for the next 20 years, I will get that from time to time. That heart-beating-out of the chest thing. We had to make a kite for art class that day, and I didnt have a glue with me, so I gathered all my confidence, and asked him if i could use his glue. and he said "ambik la." which simply means "take it". The very juicy glue-borrowing flirting went on for a few years.. We would walk pass each other, and I would pretend that I dont care. Everytime he does that my heart skips a beat. And out of the 5 years we were in school together, all i got from him was a smile. One smile. Really. Love can be cute as a button.

Fast forward. I turned 19. I met a guy and immediately fell in love with him because he liked rock music, my photography skills (I hope so. Maybe he was just being nice, but I'd like to think I had sick photography skills) and he smelled really nice. We were in love for about 2 months, and he decided that he can't get over his ex-girlfriend. I asked him if he loves me, and he said "No." But hey. At least it was fun while it lasted, right? Love, my friends, can be short-lived and sweet. Hes married now. But not to the girl he left me for.

Then, shortly after that,one lead me to believe that everything was beautiful at first. We held each other's hands when we felt insecure. Made me leave a perfectly happy relationship. I gave him the world. He injected my boring life with unnecessary drama and heartaches. And then dumped me. And then you learn something new. OMG THERE IS A POSSIBILITY THAT EVERYTHING YOU KNEW WAS JUST A LIE. You could be Truman of the Truman Show. Love can be a psycho,5 minute short film involving chainsaws with ok-looking actors with amateurish acting skills. Or this really disturbing human rights violation video you watched on Youtube showing kids getting shot in a war-zone. Short. But it will haunt you forever.

So how do you think Love would be like if he was just a guy. Maybe he enjoys smoking after meals. Or smokes weed occasionally. Maybe, he shoplifts for fun. Maybe he's a father of 3 kids. Maybe he has 3 wives. Maybe he's a Muslim who's in love with a Jewish girl. Maybe he's looking for a roommate to share his apartment with. Maybe he collects Star Wars toys. Maybe he's a straight fashion designer. Maybe he rides a fixed gear. Maybe he's dating a celebrity. Maybe he's a guy who digs older women. Maybe he's just young and confused and doesn't know what he wants. Maybe he doesn't want to get hurt being in love with someone. Maybe just like you, he wonders what would Love be like if she was just a girl?

by yuna on 16th april 2010( was a year ago dat she didnt update her blog..yet..n yes..she's really bz ryte now)


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